barQode Benefits

Why use barQode?

Save Money

With barQode you save money

Save Time

With barQode you save time

Shop Smart

With barQode you shop smarter

How does it work?


Step 1: Scan your item

Use your smartphone to scan the barcode of your item, or enter the product name using text entry, voice-to-text, or label scanning [beta].


Step 2: Set your price

Enter the most you'd be willing to pay for your item. Ideally this should be your best offer as not all stores give counter-offers or a second attempt.


Step 3: Select your store

We will try and determine the store automatically, but if it's not correct simply tap 'Change Store' to search and select the store you're shopping in.


Step 4: Save with barQode!

If the store accepts your offer you can get your new price instantly! If not, we check with other retailers and let you know what offers we can get for you.

Still want more details?

Check our FAQ section for more details on how the system works