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Melbourne’s Homegrown Brands

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Melbourne is known as one of the most livable cities in the world and it’s also known as one of the best shopping destinations. This is the reason why Melbourne is home to independent local brands and stores that can compete in the international market. Here are some homegrown brands and stores that you can check out on your next Melbourne shopping trip.

Martin York

Martin York was built out of the mission to create a shopping destination at the eastern suburbs of Melbourne for the latest fashion trends. The store first opened in Eastland, Town Square that features a minimalist aesthetic, but still exudes a luxurious vibe. It houses a selection of clothes from both international and Australian designers like Celine, Ginger & Smart, Camilla and Marc, and Zimmerman. Martin York is the best destination for shoppers who want to have wide choices of high quality sophisticated pieces.

Barefoot Gypsy

Barefoot Gypsy was created out of the Maxine Smith’s love for traveling and exploring new culture. As she travels, her initial love for collecting unique pieces from places she has been has become eventually a business. Barefoot Gypsy’s collections are inspired by art and culture from around the world. They incorporate art in a variety of items like homeware accessories, furniture, bags, and more.

Anna Campbell

Anna Campbell is a known designer of wedding gowns and bridal accessories that combine modern glamour and bohemian beauty. The wedding gowns and bridal accessories are designed and created in Melbourne, made special by hand beaded embellishments. Anna Campbell is for the brides who wants to incorporate romance, uniqueness, and elegance in their wedding gowns.

Bloom Cosmetics

Another homegrown brand from Melbourne is Bloom Cosmetics. Created by Natalie Bloom, she started venturing in gift items from her parent’s Melbourne home as her hobby. From a simple hobby, she then began to turn to blending essential oils, massage oils and lip products. Soon after, a full  cosmetic line was launched. Today, Bloom has extended their products to nail polish, organic make ups, and beauty accessories

Cable Melbourne

Cable Melbourne is one of the leading manufacturer of knitwear made from wool. Georgina Austin’s extensive background in wool buying has contributed a lot in starting the Cable Melbourne brand. The brand specialized in sustainable manufacturing, which supports its commitment to produce wool in an earth friendly way without jeopardizing quality.

Walnut Melbourne

Walnut Melbourne is a footwear brand for children. It was founded to provide parents an alternative brand to European footwear brands that are typically expensive. Walnut Melbourne is known for both its classic and contemporary designs for affordable children’s footwear. In 2009, they extended to a wider market by launching footwear for the ladies.

Melbourne has a lot to offer – whatever a shopper looks for, Melbourne has surely a local brand to offer. Melbourne is truly a home of art and culture and this what makes Melbourne shopping in it's homegrown brands and stores unique – they integrate all these into their products.