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Tips for Safe Online Shopping

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Online shopping has become more and more popular these days because of many conveniences it bring. It has given us the opportunity to shop anytime, anywhere – even from the comfort of our homes in the middle of the night. Aside from this, online shopping offers better prices for our shopping needs. We can always rely on cheap deals and discounts and even freebies whenever we shop online. However without safe online shopping practices you risk information theft and fraud. This is why it’s important for us to be wary whenever we shop online. Here are some tips to keep our online shopping experience safe and pleasant at the same time.



Always look for the padlock symbol and HTTPS

Whenever you shop online, we always need to look for the padlock symbol alongside the web address. This can be usually found alongside the ‘https’ at the beginning of the web address. The padlock symbol and the https both mean that the information, such as credit card information, shared in the website are encrypted. Take note, however, that not all https website are safe so you still need to exercise caution.

Shop on trusted official websites and brands

When we say not all https website are safe, it is most likely true because even phishing sites today look 100% legit and they can be deceiving. This is why online shopping from trusted websites like eBay and Amazon is one of the best ways to shop online safely. We can also shop online from official websites of brands.

Use safe payment option

When shopping online, we should always lookout for the payment option the website offers. We should always opt for credit card payment since it is safer than using a debit card. Credit card payment is safer because we can always track the charges made from our cards and we can always ask for refund whenever there is a hidden charge or charges that we don’t make. We can also use PayPal as it is also considered a safe option to pay for online shopping.

Avoid clicking pop ads

Pop ads are not only annoying but they can be risky too when used by phishing sites to steal our information. When we shop online, we can always opt to block these pop ads to keep us safe from information thieves. Even if we shop from a trusted website, we should always be cautious in clicking pop ads.

Avoid giving more information than necessary

We should always be wary of the information we share to make sure we have a safe online shopping experience. It is always safe when we only fill out the information that is necessary. If the website asks for too much information, it’s time to be skeptical. This is one way of phishing scammers to steal our information.

While there are several ways to enjoy safe online shopping, it doesn’t hurt us to be on our guard whenever we hit the ‘add to cart’ button. When we fall into a trap of information theft, hidden charges, and other phishing scam, it can become a nightmare. Online shopping is meant to be fun, easy and convenient and we just have to be extra cautious to keep it that way.