Technologies Used by Retail Stores and Shopping Centres

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With the increasing popularity of online shopping, retail stores and shopping centres continue to cope up with this by using new technologies to create level up experience for shoppers. Retail stores and shopping centres use technology for different reasons. Some use it to promote online presence through mobile usage, others use it to create a highly targeted advertisement. Here are some of the technologies used by retail stores and shopping centres to create a more convenient shopping experience.

Digital-Outdoor Audience in Real Time (DART) Technology

DART is mainly used for measuring audience engagement. This technology uses facial detection through a small camera attached to advertising screens. It records the person watching the advertisement and then it builds profile based on it. It can identify the age, gender, mood, and even the socio-economic background of the shopper. This happens within seconds and then it pops an advertisement based on that profile. This helps retail stores and shopping centres to target their ads specifically based a specific profile.

Virtual Mannequins

Virtual mannequins are used by more and more retail stores to create a different shopping experience for the shoppers. It usually uses a screen that pops up a video or image of a model wearing the garment from the hanger that the shopper picks up. It lets the shopper visualize how the garment would look like when worn. This technology is developed by teamLabHanger which uses a sensor installed in the hangers and it displays videos, images, even product description in the monitors.

Augmented Reality

Another technology used by retail stores is the usage of augmented reality (AR) to provide a more convenient way to shop. This technology works by snapping a photo or video of a product and then it shows product information, availability, product reviews, and shoppers can even order online through the app used. It is a great way to ease shopping frustration of having to find a sales person and inquire about the products.


iBeacon is a technology developed by Apple which is a type of Bluetooth low energy device that can communicate with nearby portable electronic device such as smartphones, tablets, etc. This technology uses sensor and transmits an identifier that is compatible with an app or an operating system. This can track customer, its physical location and trigger actions based on it. An example scenario is when an ad or special deal pops up on a mobile phone of the shopper when iBeacon is triggered based on the location of the shopper. This technology can also enable mobile payments which makes it easier for people to shop around shopping centres.

There are more technologies used by retail stores and shopping centres today and it never stops to innovate. As time goes by and everything becoming more digital, retail stores and shopping centres also find ways to keep their customers happy and engage more in brick and mortar stores rather than to stick to online shops all the time. It’s an initiative they take to keep their business running and to provide their customers a different but convenient kind of shopping experience.