Top Online Shopping Sites

Top Online Shopping Sites

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Online shopping has come a long way since the beginning of the internet, and more shopping sites have emerged since then. But sometimes it can be overwhelming, especially if you’re a first timer in the online shopping world. You’re faced with a dilemma to choose among thousands of shopping sites and deciding which of these is legit. Here at barQode, we have rounded up some of the top online shopping sites that cater to your specific needs, and are reliable to deliver goods from the online cart to your doorstep.


For your electronic and appliances needs

Harvey Norman is one the popular multi-national retailers of electronics and appliances based in Australia. They also have other products like furniture and bedding. What’s good about Harvey Norman is that they actually have brick and mortar chain stores so you can pick up your orders from the store nearest you.

You can also check Kogan for your appliances and electronic needs. They have wide range of products and you can be sure that they always have sales and special offers. They also launched Kogan Grocery where you can get grocery products from their online marketplace.


For your clothing needs

If you are looking for your fashion fix, The Iconic is considered one of Australia’s largest retailer of clothes carrying over 700 brands. The Iconic is known for adding over a hundred new items every day and offers multiple delivery options.


If you are looking for a department store to buy your clothes along with just about everything else, check out Myer. It’s known for its broad range of clothes for women, men, babies, kids as well as accessories and footwear. Myer has been a household name for the Australian shoppers since it was founded in 1900 so you can be sure of buying from a trusted brand. It is currently offering regular sales as it works hard to improve it’s business, so definitely worth a look.


For your video gaming needs

One of the most popular retailers for your games and entertainment needs is EB Games. It has over 450 physical stores across Australia, and even a few stores in New Zealand. EB Games offers a loyalty program which lets shoppers collect points to reach five different levels for perks and rewards. While they don’t always offer big discounts, you can always find anything you need from consoles, to video games and accessories.


For just about anything you need

If you are not looking for any particular item and just want to go online window shopping, Big W is a great shopping site to do so with because it’s basically a discount online department store. This site can definitely be trusted since it’s a sister company of Woolworths and they always have products on price drop. They offer from clothes to cosmetics to home products – just anything you need in one online shop.


For your daily deals

If you are too tired to go through each shopping site to find a good deal, Catch has done the job for you. They have daily deals on wide range of products from top selling brands of every category you can think of. You will surely find something you need (or don’t need) in a low and discounted price.


There are thousands of shopping sites out there, but it’s always safer to look for trusted brands and marketplaces to make sure you get the best value out of your money. It also helps to be updated with deals and discounts by following these brands’ social media channels to get first dibs. Take a look at these top online shopping sites next time you need something, we're sure you'll find a bargain!